Concept Study, Passenger Passes Layout and Visual System

Layout and content organization redesign of fare passes.

Layout design, color and visual grid system

Layout and Color
Design of a new and improved grid-based visual layout and content presentation system, including the new flexible color-coding scheme. The new system improves current content organization and visual hierarchy.

Fare Zone Designation
Improved large-scale fare zone designation, (for people with visual impairments), contained in a separate layout area. The new approach makes it easier for the train conductor to identify the commuters’ fare zone designation during fare-checking process aboard the trains.

Current design system url
Addition of the “” url, which could potentially enhance organization's brand presence on tens of thousands of transit passes sold throughout the year.

Braille Characters
Addition of Braille characters, which would include fare zone-relevant information for people who are legally blind. The Braille characters can be punched out/raised on the surface of the passes during the production process with marginal additional cost.

Helvetica is proposed as the default typeface. If not available, it can be substituted by Arial. Both typefaces are default fonts on PC and Mac systems.

Ad Placement
Ad placement area is designated as a separate layout area. In the current design, the advertising content is heavily obstructed by various elements, thus diminishing its effectiveness. The new layout will improve the ads’ visibility and legibility, delivering a more effective message to the intended audience, potentially increasing the advertising revenue for the organization.

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